Unintended Target
The Forestville Series

Unintended Target


Police Chief Maggie Jones has made a home for herself and her son, Robert, in the small town of Forrestville, Louisiana. She has a caring circle of friends, a great job she loves, and... a secret. Noah Jameson has worked hard to overcome a painful past of drug abuse that cost him his wife and child. When he shows up to make things right, Maggie is reluctant to let him into their lives. All she remembers is the man he was. She doesn't want to give him a chance to hurt their son.

Throughout her career as a police officer Maggie has made a lot of enemies. Now one of them is after her. He will stop at nothing, especially if he can strike where it hurts Maggie most - her son. Maggie and Noah must set aside past hurts to save their son. Can Maggie let go and trust again?