Mistaken Target
The Forestville Series

Mistaken Target


Resisting love, grieving for her brother, and fighting for her life.

Esther Daniels is a highly skilled martial artist and fiercely independent. She is just as fierce at resisting romance. Esther’s world is shattered when her brother, narcotics detective Paul Daniels, is callously shot and killed. When Paul’s K9 partner, Ninja, is injured too severely to return to duty, Esther adopts the dog in an effort to keep Paul’s presence with her.

The summer after Paul’s death is quiet, but as autumn begins, so do the deadly incidents. Who is trying to kill her and why? Is Esther the only target? Stephen Abrams is happy to just be Esther’s friend; at first. As he and Esther face repeated attempts on her life, they struggle with a growing attraction. Can Stephen protect the woman he is falling for - and convince her to give love a chance?